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Automate compliance monitoring & Simplify risk management

We've done the heavy lifting, so you don't have to. Effortlessly tackle multiple tasks through a single, user-friendly platform.

Sinapse Solutions Inc. offers so much more than a visitor monitoring tool. Our workplace management software streamlines your compliance processes, site check-ins and ongoing auditing and reporting needs so your team has more time to meet ambitious goals.

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Our Compliance Management System Lets You

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Meet your regulatory obligations​

Sinapse gives you access to critical business information in a single secure place from anywhere and at anytime.
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Keep a compliance audit trail

Sinapse history logs help your team stay on top of compliance auditing and reporting with automated and simplified processes.
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Reduce administrative tasks

Automating your processes will enable your employees to focus more on their work rather than managing data entry.
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Save more time and energy

More efficiency means more time for the important stuff—like the growth of your business and the happiness of your people.

Compliance Management System Software

Regardless of industry, companies need to ensure that their workforce is safe, adequately trained, and has the right qualifications for the work they are employed to do. ​

​Sinapse Solutions provides a single platform that can adapt to any business's needs in order to reduce its compliance risk and optimize efficiency.​

Compliance Reporting Software

Our compliance tracking software makes risk management easy. Monitor the safety compliance of your entire workforce from dashboards, searches and live attendance reports.

Competence Evidence Monitoring

Track the expiry of documents and records, such as insurance and licences. Through Sinapse's alert system, contractors and employees will be notified when they need to update their records prior to expiry.

Visitor Access Management

Capture critical information and monitor access to any work site with our software and support products. Individuals can easily sign in using a kiosk or QR code, gaining access only if workflows are complete.

Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS)

Sinapse lets you complete inductions and deliver training relevant to each work site through its streamlined compliance management platform.

If you're not using a personalized compliance management system, 
you're not getting the most out of your investment.

When it comes to workplace management software, we know there's no such thing as "one-size-fits-all". Our custom approach ensures that you maximize the benefits of an automated risk management system while ensuring the safety of clients, visitors, contractors and workers.

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Sinapse Solutions Inc. proudly serves businesses across North America with custom-built safety compliance tools.

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Maximize Safety by Minimizing Overhead

Our streamlined compliance risk management software provides a comprehensive set of tools that will lower administrative costs while enhancing workplace compliance. Speak with our team today to learn more.
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